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I haven't given a real update in a long long time, have I? Well here it goes...

School is officially out. I am so happy. We went back on monday[er...yesterday] to get our report cards and stuff. I got a D in Math. Hahaha...bitches. Mme Aucoin says that i don't need to come to summer school or any shit like that. But Ben does...and he got a C in Math. Poor Benjamin. Holly MacGillvary failed. BAHAHAHA. People are saying that Jessica Upton failed too. But I know better. I was tlaking to Mme Janes a few days ago, and I was looking at her computer. She was writing back to Jessica[she had mono, the whore]. And Janes was saying that she didn't need to do the exams. I am morally outraged at that. And apparently Jessica found my web page, where I rant about her all the time. She wonders why I hate her so much. [*coughWHOREUGLYPUGFACEDWHOREcough* Ahem. Pardon me..=)]

Barely anyone signed my godforsaken yearbook. No love for Kara. *sob* And Erin refused to sign it! She refused to sign anyones. She says she wants to 'be a ghost'. [I say she's wants to be a big stupid frigid bitch,]

Hahaha. my Dad was looking through my yearbook and saw Ben's shoutout.["hey kara you rock I love you",] he totally flipped. I hate him. But yeah. When we were filling out our sheets for the yearbook commitee, I stole Ben's sheet and wrote that. Haha I am so cool. You know it. Werd.

And then last night was Trudy's end of the year party. It wasn't bad...it could have been better. *shrugs* Me and Mara were acting Ghetto. HAHA. [What am I saying...we were ACTING ghetto?! We ARE ghetto!] And we scared Matt and Ben. Matt got his hair cut-he has a tan line around his hair line. [I asked him to marry me because he looked so retarded] And I tried to spit like a guy. It didn't work. [I spit all over myself and wiped it on Ben] And then we went to the park to play Grounders [after Ryan, Matt and I beat everyone at running up the hill. That just proves we rock and stuff.] And me and matt got bored and started throwing rocks at people. [We didn't admit to throwing them at people. ---> "OW! MATTHEW CORLESS THAT FUCKING HURT!" "What? It wasn't me. I'm throwing rocks at the roof of the equipment type thingy. Lord."] And then later on we sang the little fish song. ["Petit poisson...petit poisson...nage nage nage..."]

I think I might turn myself into a Vegeterian. *shrugs* I think that eating animals is cruel. But you know. [Meat tastes good...but you know what the hell I mean, bitch.] Plus, all Vegeterians I meet at super skinny. I am envious. Therefore I must do everything in my power to become skinny...[My goal is to lose ten pounds before school starts.] You know what? If you just eat when you are really really hungry, you lose weight really fast. *shrugs* It's good. Don't let me eat unless I am starving, thank you.

[Fall back
Take a look at me
And you'll see I'm for real
I feel what only I can feel
And if that don't appeal to you
Let me know
And I'll go
'Cuz I flow
Better when my colors show
And that's the way it has to be
'Cuz creativity could never bloom
In my room
I'd throw it all away before I lie
So don't call me with a compromise
Hang up the phone
I've got a backbone stronger than yours

Last night I went to the fireworks with Kickin' Wing [a.k.a Amara]. it was so much fun. We had tatoo's on our faces. Amara had a big maple leaf hat. Haha. The music there was so cool. It was so much fun i could have died. I love Canada Day.

This is the longest update I've had in like...ever. And yeah. I'll be leaving now.

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